Tips for Better Punching

  1. Lubricate a punch by punching through wax paper several times.

  2. A sticking punch can be placed in the freezer for 20 minutes.  This shrinks the metal parts slightly so that the punch will be easier to use.

  3. Loosen a new punch with continued punching.

  4. If a punch sticks, tap it on a tabletop several times with the paper still sandwiched between, until the mechanism pops up.

  5. Punch on a hard surface, not between your thumb and index finger in the air.  Stand up for more leverage.

  6. Precise placement is easier when the punch is turned upside down. 

  7. Upside down punching is easier because the underside is larger than the button on top.  By placing the entire palm of your hand over the punch, not just a finger or a thumb over the button, you gain more strength. 

  8. Sharpen punched by punching through aluminum foil several times or by running an emery board or similar file across the cutting edges.