Working with Stickers


You could apply a sticker individually on a page, but placing stickers on top of each other can be much more interesting.† Look for stickers that have similar color intensities and hues, and that have proportions that work well together.†


Border stickers not only look good along the sides of a page, but they also lend a more finished look to a photograph.† The secret to a well-made border lies in the cutting of the corners.† Just like a real picture frame, mitered corners are diagonal cuts that extend from each corner of the photograph to the outer corner of the frame.† Instead of bluntly cutting each border sticker strip and joining them together, trim one pair of opposite-lying border strips so that they are long enough to extend along the sides of the photograph, allowing for overlap of the adjoining border strips.† Adhere the strips to opposite sides of the photo.† For the adjoining strips, measure from each corner of the photo and transfer the marks to the strips.† Using an X-acto knife, begin at the measurement for the inside corner and cut a 45-degree angle outward to the end of each strip.† Lay the mitered strips over the top of the blunt-cut strips for a neat mitered look (shown below).

Creative Cutting

Another option with stickers is to think beyond their original design purpose.† Maybe the design of the entire sticker isnít quite what you had in mind, but with a few snips of the scissors, itís just right!† This works especially well for using left over stickers.


Just because stickers are sticky, it doesnít mean you canít use them to overlap your photos.† Using baby powder or cornstarch, you can eliminate the tackiness of the adhesive, allowing the sticker to be used as photo corners or even photo pockets.† For photo corners and pockets, leave the part of the sticker that will stick to the page tacky; the photo will slide safely into the powder areas as shown below.

To powder a sticker, dip a small paintbrush into a shallow dish of powder and brush the powder onto the back of the sticker.† Apply the powder only to the areas that you donít want to be sticky.

Source:† Better Homes & Gardens-Scrapbooks etc. Spring 2001