Creative Theme Pages

Sometimes coming up with new ideas for scrapbook pages can be a challenge, even for the most avid scrapbookers. Trying to capture the moments and excitement of day-to-day living can be difficult, but with a little inspiration you can share these events in a meaningful and creative way. Here are a few ideas that will help you create interesting Theme Pages.

1. "Our Home" Pages. Scrapbook pages about your home can reveal a lot about you. Choose either your current home or the one you grew up in, and add details about what you like, when you moved in and the neighborhood. Consider adding photos of renovations, décor and special features of the house. Even paint and fabric swatches or floor plans will really tell the story of your home!

2. "Time Capsule" Pages. This is a great way to tell about the events, trends and economy of any given year. Remember that your scrapbook will be enjoyed for many years, so try recording items like popular music, the cost of groceries or gas, fashion trends and major world news items. For added interest use actual receipts, clothing labels or anything else that makes the year come alive in your book.

3. "All About Me" Pages. What better way to learn about a person than to read about their likes and dislikes! Try highlighting such things as favorite color, food, TV show or song. These pages work particularly well for children, with their ever-changing ideas and thoughts!

4. "The Day You Were Born" Pages. The birth of a child is an exciting and memorable day. Make the memories last with a scrapbook page of thoughts from siblings, relatives and of course yourself! Record items like the day's weather, who was first to visit, how the baby's name was chosen. Check the library or Internet for other events on that date in history.

5. "My Friends" Pages. With each picture of your friends add journalling about how you met, favorite memories together, what you love about them and any special characteristics that set this friendship apart. If you're scrapbooking a long time friend, try adding pictures from childhood, teenage years and special events.

Source:  Amanda Sheldon