Helpful Hints for Great Photography

It's happened to us all…you've captured a special moment on film, only to find that the developed pictures aren't what you were hoping for. Blurry, out of focus and without a focal point, your pictures do little to convey the emotion of the day. If you need help improving your photography, read on….

Get Up Close and Personal. If you want your photo to catch precious expressions or fine detail, step in closer. Depending on your camera you may need to move several feet closer to really capture the moment.

Note Lighting. For best results, make sure any lighting is not behind your subject, but behind the photographer. For outdoor pictures the best time is during the early morning or a couple hours before dusk. If you use a flash, find out as much as you can about your particular camera and it's range.

The Background Matters. Distracting items in the background can ruin an otherwise good picture, so be sure to change your view until it is less busy. For a more dramatic picture try a simple background that will allow you to focus more on your subject.

Variety is the Spice of Life. Don't forget to mix in some vertical photos with your horizontal ones-you will be pleasantly surprised at how much it adds to your scrapbook.

Clothing Counts. If you're taking special photos, remember that what they're wearing will affect the outcome of your picture. Solid colors and simple lines will result in a more dramatic photos and ease in scrapbooking.

Source:  Amanda Sheldon