The Wonders of Vellum

Vellum is one the most beautiful papers used in scrapbooking and cardmaking today. The possibilities are endless…if you know where to start!

Fastening Vellum
Attaching vellum to your page or card can be tricky. But with the right tools you can easily add vellum and create the look you're after!

Clear Mounting Tabs
Similar to regular photo tabs, these are sticky on both sides, but are about half the size and transparent.

Xyron Machine
For the vellum-addict, this machine turns any shape or size [upto 81/2" wide] into a sticker! Simply roll it through the machine and a clear layer of adhesive is applied to the back.

Other Creative Ideas
Tie it on with ribbon
Use with eyelets
Attach with brads
Hand-stitching it on
Hide glue behind a sticker, button, or additional paper

The Many Uses of Vellum

Using Patterned Vellum
By layering it over solid cardstock and adding a few accents and journaling, you are able to create a simple, soft page. Usually, a patterned vellum is more subtle than most patterned paper, and competes less with your pictures.

Plain Colored Vellum
One of vellum's greatest qualities is that their colors blend when used together. This allows you to use only a few colors of vellum and create a variety of other shades and tones. For a page background, try ripping colored vellum into strips, and weaving them to create a fun plaid design!

Vellum Pockets
Pockets in your scrapbook are a great way to include memorabilia or accents onto your pages. A vellum pocket allows you to see what's hiding inside without taking away from other elements on the page.

Vellum and Journaling
We all know that journaling is essential in scrapbooking and vellum is the perfect accent to your thoughts. You can use vellum in a photocopier or printer [laser printers work best], or write directly on it.

Vellum is perfect for making mattes. When layered over a plain cardstock, the subtle pattern or color of the vellum will not compete with your photos, and enhances the overall look of your page.

Invitations and Cards
Vellum is the perfect accent to your stationary. By mixing vellum with colored or patterned papers you can create a card that suits your occasion perfectly. You can print directly onto the vellum and place it over a patterned paper photo, or alternately, you can print under the vellum for a softer look.

Source:  Amanda Sheldon