Picture Tips

Keep photos away from all light sources, particularly fluorescent and sunlight.

Do not store photos in extremely hot temperatures or in areas that may be humid.

Handle photos by their edges--do not touch the front with your hands (unless you are wearing cotton gloves)

Refrain from bending or creasing photographs.

Envelopes from the photo processors contain acid--do not leave photos in these envelopes. Always remove them and store them in an acid-free photo storage box.

Do not eat, drink, or smoke while handling photos. Keep photos away from pets.

Always make duplicates of one-of-a-kind photos (either reprints or laser copies on acid-free paper). Store the original in a fire resistant safe.

Before cropping your photos, determine these 3 things: What is the value of this photograph? What do I lose in this photograph if I cut out the background? Do I have another print to work with (double)?

Always store negatives away from the originals.

Store negatives in "safe" plastic sleeves or paper envelopes or boxes.

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