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Cropping Your Photos

Cutting the photos to keep only the most important part is called "cropping". Keep historical features like a house, car or furniture in the photo--they will be fun to see years from today.

Cut in straight lines, around a person or object, around just part of a person or object, or into shapes. The templates make cutting the shapes foolproof. Tip--for easy cutting keep your scissors in one position and move the photo or paper

To mark your photos for cropping, use a stabilo pencil, then cut off the excess--the stabilo pencil markings can be wiped off with a tissue if you leave any on the photo.

Remember--establish a focal point before you crop! The focal point is simply that item on a page which draws your eye. A page without a focal point lacks impact and may be confusing. Sometimes just choosing and enlarging one photo gives the page a focus. You may also choose to mat your photo or use decorative corner punches to create a photo which will be your focal point.

Vary sizes--mix photo sizes for interest. It makes a difference!

Vary shapes--even with a clear focal point and a variety of sizes a page can be bland if the elements are too similar. Mixing ovals, circles and rectangles can sometimes improve the outcome. Triangle corners cut out of colored or patterned paper can shape and pull your eyes around the page.

Arrange your photos on the background sheet until you like the placement, then you may add any cut-outs, die cuts, paper punched shapes or memorabilia. Secure everything with an acid free adhesive.

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