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Consultants Program

The Precious Memories Consultant Program is a unique opportunity to create a financially rewarding online/home-based business in a small to medium sized town or city.

The Consultant is granted an exclusive territory and website, and operates under license as Precious Memories. The key to successful e-commerce is to have the website represent the local business so the customer understands that they are dealing with someone in their community.

The Precious Memories Consultant Program will thrive through local marketing, postings on community boards and "how to" workshops at home, in community centres and in schools. In addition, the Consultant will also have the tremendous marketing advantage of a fully integrated e-commerce website that is customized to their territory.

The website: will be the online store where customers can order merchandise at any time, see the new and seasonal products and to receive "tips" and newsletters. This service will be provided by the Precious Memories Head Office, however, the Consultant will have private access to the site to post community events, news and gossip, and update the schedule of the "how to" workshops

The Consultant will offer a complete range of products sold by Precious Memories, at the similar prices, without the overhead of a storefront

Under license, the Consultant will be granted the exclusive use of the customized website Equipped with sophisticated mapping technology, the website will capture all business generated in a specific territory and send it to the Consultant.

The Consultant will be trained at the Precious Memories Head Office in Langley, B.C. on the promoting and running of the Precious Memories “how to” workshops, as well as product knowledge, selling skills and the ability to effectively build and market a fun and profitable business.

The Precious Memories Consultant will be provided with a start-up kit containing a full selection of samples and workshop materials, for use and display at sales presentations and “how to” workshops.

Customers can order directly from the Precious Memories Consultant, or from the fully enabled online catalogue set up exclusively for the Consultant’s business. Credit Card transactions via the website go directly to the Consultant.

Orders are filled at the regional Precious Memories fulfillment centre and shipped directly to the Consultant or customer, by courier for quick delivery.

As a Precious Memories Consultant, there is no monthly quota or Multi Level Marketing. Enthusiastic operators can expect to build a sound successful business income from their own exclusive territory.

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