If you missed our Television Debut, have a look at some photos of us with the Breakfast TV “Live Eye” Crew. Unfortunately, we ran in to some technical difficulties and the CityTV Crew were unable to get a signal from our location. Therefore, the “live” segments were taped and later fed back to the studio. Due to resulting time restraints we were only able to film 3 segments instead of the 5 originally planned, and of those only 2 were able to run on air.

However, we had a great time with Tasha and the Crew and Tara & Diane became overnight Celebrities! We even motivated Tasha to do some shopping and helped her design some Valentine’s Cards!

Check out the photo gallery below–click on each picture for a larger view, then use your Browsers Back button to return to this page!


Setting up for the shoot

At 6:00am we arrived to let the crew in and begin the set up of lighting, tracking a signal, etc.

Live On Location

Unable to get a signal, the equiptment truck had to head up the hill to Starbucks.

Tara & Tasha discussing her segment

They hoped to get something up there (they actually bounce a signal off Mount Seymour!)

…teaching Tasha about Scrapbooking

Instead of going “Live”, we went ahead and filmed the segments.

Showing Tasha some Scrapbooking techniques

After filming. one of the crew ran them up to the truck where they fed them to the station.

Tasha & Diane

Now it was Di’s turn to make her debut!

Lights, Camera, Action!

Diane & Tasha getting ready for their Cardmaking Segment

Diane showing her stuff!

Demonstrating some techniques, tools & showing how simple it can be!

Tasha, Tanya & Amy

Unfortunately, due to the technical difficulty and resulting time restraints we had to chose a segment to cut

Filling in Tasha on how we got started

But Tanya & Amy still got their moment of stardom! It just didn’t air!

…And that’s a wrap!

We had a fantastic time (although way too early in the morning!) and loved having the BT Crew at Precious Memories!

Tasha & Our Team

Afterward, Tasha did some shopping, die cutting and we helped her design some Valentine’s Cards–which she joked she would make while watching “The Bachelor” on CityTV (of course!)

The CityTV Truck

All finished up–they headed out about 9:00am

…And that was Precious Memories on CityTV!

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